Briefs and Reports

The following Briefs are available for download in Adobe PDF format.

Stuck in Traffic for 10,000 Years, Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Canada’s National Highway System, Annual Report 2016
Smarter Planning, Smarter Spending: Achieving Infrastructure Success, Report of the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance
Infrastructure that Matters Most, Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Chamber of Commerce, News Release, June 2016
Trade Team West – Trade matters to us all, WCR&HCA
A look at the past, present, and future - 2016 Priorities and Beyond
Global Infrastructure Investment: Timing is Everything, Standard and Poors
Pathways: Connecting Canada’s Transportation System to the World, Vol. 1, Emerson
Report to the Government of Alberta – The Development, Renewal and Financing of the Government’s plan for Spending on Capital Projects in 2019
From The Ground Up (June 2015)
Building On Advantage (February 2015)
Building On Advantage (November 2014)
Economic Impact of Transportation Infrastructure (USA)
Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward - Alberta
Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward - Alberta Oil Sands
Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward - British Columbia
Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward - Manitoba
Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward - National Summary
At The Intersection
McKinsey Quarterly
Tackling Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness
Winter Construction Monitor
ACEC Infrastructure Report
KPMG Infrastructure Opportunity
Two Percent Solution
Building for Prosperity
Energizing Infrastructure
Conference Board of Canada - Economic Policy Agenda
IFC Final Report
Ernst & Young - Infrastructure - A Strategic Priority
Municipal Debt Options
The Penny Tax
Davos WEF Global Competitiveness Report
ICAP - How to Cure Canada's Innovation Woes
Better Neighbours - MB Should Join CWF
Bridging Global Infrastructure Gap
Changing Face of Infrastructure
The Time is Right Final Report
Delivering Goods - Infrastructure and Alternative Revenues
Waterloo Infrastructure Study
Compas Poll Results
Four Pillars for National Transportation Strategy
Time for a New National Vision (Senate Committee)
Coming Collapse of Canada's Municipal Infrastructure
New Tools for New Times
Pollutant Study on Duty Vehicles
CWF: Shaping Our Future
Conference Board - Meeting Fiscal Requirements
COF Report / COF Maps
CTA Presentation Infrastructure
Gas Tax News Release
New Deal
Premiers' Communique
TRIP Release
Urban Transportation Needs Report
WTM Report
Kitchen - Financing City Services
TD Bank - Mind the Gap
Big City Mayors (Briefs)
Throne Speech Analysis
Letter to PM Martin
National Infrastructure Program
Party Leaders
PetroCan Letter to Premiers Background
PetroCan Letter to Premiers 1
PetroCan Letter to Premiers 2
WCR&HCA National Infrastructure Policy
Federal Fuel Tax Allocation
NIS Brief
Pollara Final Report
Highway Financial Theory & Practice
National Infrastructure Program
SIRP Recommendations
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