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"Committed advocate for economic and industry growth"

The Western Canada Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (WCR&HCA), consists of three western Canada roadbuilder associations: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Together, we lobby the Federal Government on infrastructure and related issues on behalf of western Canada.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to advocate the need for strategic investments in Canada’s core infrastructure and transportation networks to help grow Canada’s economy.

Our work is guided by our mission statement: "Committed advocate for economic and industry growth."

Our primary concern is about the need to properly invest in Canada's infrastructure, including its transportation network. One of the advantages provided by the WCR&HCA is the ability to network, mix & mingle, meet senior elected official and administrators, and make connections with customers, clients and potential business associates.

WCR&HCA conference & future direction

The WCR&HCA Board of Directors at its May 30, 2017 meeting determined that it was in the collective best interests of the organization, its members and sponsors, not to proceed with a 2018 WCR&HCA Convention.

Concurrently, the Board has also directed that a strategic planning session be convened and concluded before the end of 2017 to determine the future directions of the WCR&HCA, including the hosting of conferences.

On behalf of the Board and members, we sincerely appreciate the attendance at and support for the conferences, received in the past from all attendees and sponsors. We thank you for your continued support of industry association advocacy work whether at the provincial, regional or national level.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chris Lorenc, President WCR&HCA, at 204.947.1379 or clorenc@mhca.mb.ca

Gary Zeitner
Chair, WCR&HCA Board

Chris Lorenc
President, WCR&HCA

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Read the report!

Be sure to read the "Committed advocate for economic and industry growth" Report. It outlines the priorities for the WCR&HCA, documents past and present accomplishments; and showcases the Association's history and much more!