WCR&HCA Priorities

The WCR&HCA is respectful of the challenges, both fiscal and political, that face national, provincial and municipal governments.

However, those challenges pale in comparison to what our nation will face if we collectively fail to properly present to the public the economic and social standard perils of further infrastructure investment neglect.

We strive to advocate the need for sustained and strategic investment in public infrastructure and its linkages to economic growth. Our priorities centre around our mission being a 'committed advocate for economic and industry growth.'

Our priorities for 2013 are to advocate with the public, media, stakeholders and governments to:

1. Endorse a long-term Infrastructure program (LTIP)
We will voice support for a long term economic growth and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure; leverage private sector partnership opportunities; and enable funding from all levels of government to ensure national affordability and sustainability over the long -term.

2. Advance the case for infrastructure investment & economic growth
We will promote the linkages between sustained investment in public infrastructure and economic growth with the help of national, provincial and local regional stakeholders and? information from the Canada West Foundation report 'At the Intersection: The Case for Sustained & Strategic Public Infrastructure Investment'.

3. Ensure Open Competitive Bidding
We will prepare appropriate messaging to persuade governments and the public of the advantages associated with using private sector construction services and, dissuade use of public sector (in house) construction services.

4. Focus on Canada's Next Infrastructure Report Card
We will support the development of the next infrastructure report card by ensuring that data presented assess the condition of asset classes such as bridges and structures, public transportation and related municipal infrastructure assets.

5. Add a Municipal Infrastructure Focus at the Annual WCR&HCA Convention
We will invite the Mayors of the Western Canada Big City Mayors Caucus and/or the rural municipal associations from each province to participate in forums addressing infrastructure challenges, opportunities, policies, funding strategies, delivery options etc.

6. Advance New West Partnership Objectives (NWP)
We will engage in supportive advocacy of the NWP, a far-reaching economic partnership between the governments of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan who are committed to ongoing collaboration on innovative ways to strengthen the economy of the West. It focuses on four areas key to economic growth in the West, namely: trade, international cooperation, innovation and procurement. The objectives help foster strong, vibrant and lasting economic and social prosperity for the region and our people.